As the principle leader guiding innovation, we believe in using creative thinking skills to empower you and your business to address complex challenges, generate & identify solutions, and utilize a network of resources to deploy new innovations. In the create stage, the Center for Innovation helps you create an idea that answers a challenge through human design thinking and the creative problem solving process.

Whether your challenge is focused on improving persons, processes, or profitability, our creativity tools and facilitators are ready to help you generate and design new, useful solutions.

To learn more on how we can help you create innovative ideas, contact the Center for Innovation to learn more:

Jump Start

Jump Start is our online solution generator for businesses and innovators to overcome complex challenges. Generating ideas and solutions begins first with creative thinking and no one understands creative thinking quite like our Jump Start facilitators. Jump Start participants are guaranteed to walk away with new solutions from the help of our online facilitated program.

The Jump Start program is offered in three different sessions to best fit you and your team’s needs.


The Center for Innovation assists with building innovator’s businesses or ideas. While in this stage, tools such as the Business Model Generator, Value Proposition, and WKI are introduced. These tools and strategies help you take your idea to make a legitimate plan.

The Center for Innovation’s staff is committed to building your innovative idea or business by creating a personalized plan with the help of these tools.

To learn more, contact the Center for Innovation today and get started on building your innovation. 

  • WKI 
  • Business Model Generator 
  • Value Proposition
  • iCorps


Growing your business or idea can mean many different things. Funding opportunities, office space, marketing outreach and building a network of support are just a few examples.

After you have created and built your business, entering the growth stage is a sign that your business is valuable to others, but this is not where the Center for Innovation stops offering services and resources. During this stage, your business will continue to grow by finding new opportunities for development, additional customer segments, and pivoting your business plan.

Our expertise is here to help you through all of these adjacent steps. 

Where to now? Explore the additional resources we have to grow your business below. 

  • Business Incubator
  • Funding 
  • Grand Forks Entrepreneurship Ecosystem (GFEE) 
  • University of North Dakota Talent 
  • Student-Run Enterprises 

Half Day

Time commitment: 4 hours 

  • Facilitated Creative thinking exercises
  • Brainstorming three new solutions

Full Day

Time commitment: 8 hours 

  • A review of the CPS model
  • Facilitated practice on model with a hypothetical
  • Creative thinking exercises
  • Brainstorm session

Two Day

Time commitment: 14 hours 

  • A review of the CPS model
  • Facilitated practice on model w/hypothetical
  • Creative thinking exercises
  • Dig into company problem
  • Plus, implementation and strategy time

Participant Benefits:

  • Formulation of innovative and novel ideas that answer complex challenges 
  • Facilitated help through the Creative Problem Solving Process 
  • Expansion on creativity skills 

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