Innovation Studio

Innovative Problem Solving

The Innovation Studio program offers facilitated creative problem solving. If you or your organization is struggling with a complex challenge and are in need of fresh ideas, the Innovation Studio helps you think outside of the box to find new solutions.

The Innovation Studio works for anyone who:

  • Has tried to solve a problem, but haven’t quite cracked the code.
  • Wants to think creatively to develop new solutions, products or services
  • Is facing obstacles and hasn’t found a path forward.
  • Needs to adjust to changing market demands, culture change, or business environments.
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Innovation Studio at a Glance

This isn’t just another idea generation session. The program looks different for each participant and isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Expert mentors tailor the Innovation Studio session based on the challenge . Here’s what you can expect:

Introductory Meeting

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Internal Discussion

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First, you meet with a UND Center for Innovation Studio facilitator. We’ll learn more about you and your organization, the challenge you’re facing, and what needs you’re working to meet.

Our team will reflect on the introductory meeting and craft a tailored Innovation Studio program. We have a team of ten mentors and will assign one or more to facilitate your sessions. Mentors are from notable partnering organizations, with a wide array of backgrounds, talents, and expertise – and they also have incredible experience with design thinking! Sessions can take place in as little as a half day, but may require up to two days of guided problem-solving.

Sessions In Action

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Solutions Created

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We’ll work with your schedule and take you through a four-step solution-generating process:

  • Clarify: We’ll help you define your challenge and determine the problems you’re facing.
  • Ideate: We’ll get you out of your normal thinking routines to explore new ideas.
  • Develop: We’ll filter your ideas and refine them to lead you to innovative solutions.
  • Implement: We’ll identify the resources you need to implement your best concepts.

What’s an idea without a plan of action? Innovation Studio doesn’t just offer idea generation. Your team can walk away with creative solutions AND a tangible action plan with an implementation strategy. Depending on the solutions created, we may also provide referrals to further develop or implement your ideas.

Innovation Studio Workshops

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Innovation Studio Costs

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