Legendary Leaders in Innovation

Legendary Leaders in Innovation supports the expansion of autonomous industries across North Dakota. The program helps innovators, startups, and entrepreneurs cultivate their ideas, access a robust ecosystem, connect with experienced mentors and researchers, and find numerous funding opportunities.

North Dakota

The Best Place for Autonomous Systems Business

A History of UAS Innovation

The potential for UAS innovation extends far beyond what we can envision today, and the University of North Dakota has always been a leader in pioneering new technologies, partnering with industry, government, and other institutions of higher education.

UND research programs help integrate UAS into the national airspace system through the Northern Plains UAS test site, working directly with the Federal Aviation Administration to test and validate UAS operations.

The John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences provides world-class aviation training and developed the first-in-the nation program in unmanned aircraft systems. UND provides a pipeline of skilled workforce to support UAS industries in a variety of capacities.

The Research Institute for Autonomous Systems explores a variety of methods of autonomy, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

UND Center for Innovation focuses on the promotion of commercial enterprise based on UND research, and also attracts other entrepreneurs and researchers.

UND’s College of Engineering and Mines designs and tests components of UAS systems and supplies a robust pipeline of computer scientists who are experts in big data and cybersecurity.