Student Run Enterprises

Student-Run Enterprises is a resource created by the Center for Innovation as an opportunity to connect startups & local businesses to University of North Dakota (UND) Talent. All legacy businesses under Student-Run Enterprises are operated out of the Center for Innovation and are comprised of UND students. These students utilize their backgrounds and experience to successfully run a business and work collaboratively with local startups & businesses.

The Center for Innovation’s first SRE is Prodigy Marketing, a digital marketing company dedicated to helping startups & businesses increase brand awareness and tell their stories. Prodigy Marketing’s mission is to take your business marketing to the next level. See below what values Prodigy Marketing can bring to your startup or business. 

For UND Students:


Prodigy marketing provides:

  • Guided mentorship 
  • Responsibility for all business decisions and operations 
  • An opportunity for high-impact, experiential learning

For Businesses or Start Up Companies:

Prodigy Marketing Specialized in:

Prodigy Marketing specializes in

  • Integrated Marketing Strategies 
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
  • Website Development
    Product Photography 
  • Social Media Management

To Contact Prodigy Marketing: