Five for Friday – Hannah Olson

Hannah Olson is the Marketing Outreach Coordinator at the Center for Innovation. Her daily tasks consist of sharing the mission and vision of CFI to the Grand Forks community and beyond. Hannah’s background consists of marketing and branding. She has her BBA in Business Administration and Marketing and her MBA from The University of North Dakota. Most of Hannah’s professional experience is centered around marketing.

How did you come to find the Center for Innovation?

“I started at CFI as a Marketing Intern during my undergraduate years at UND. After graduating with my BBA, I continued my education at UND and time at CFI while I was in graduate school. Finally, my journey brought me to my current full-time position at CFI. CFI has been an incremental part of my time at UND and the beginning of my professional career!”

 What are some highlights of your position at CFI? IE what is your favorite thing about your job?

“One is working closely with our marketing and media interns. I love seeing them experiment with new marketing techniques and making our marketing strategies better. They are instrumental to our goals at CFI and make my position so much fun!”

“The second highlight is sharing the stories of our clients and tenants. I truly believe that they do not brag about themselves enough and about the amazing work they are doing, so I’m happy that I can share their journeys through CFI’s platforms. I learn something new everyday.”

What value does the Center for Innovation provide to the UND campus, Grand Forks community, and the state of North Dakota?

“CFI offers a space where entrepreneurs can explore their new ideas in an approachable way. We offer support in terms of flexible leases, business coaching, idea development, and student support. If you have a new idea that you want to bring to life, CFI is an excellent starting point.”

 Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

“As cheesy as it sounds, it must be my fiancé, Bear. He always puts others first, never complains, and makes the most out of everyday life. I always know that he will support me no matter what and am incredibly lucky to have him in my corner!”

When you are not working at CFI, what can others find you doing?

“Reading in a shady spot on the Greenway or enjoying a Cosmo and fried pickles at the Toasted Frog.”